NoaNoaK’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EBBR

Extreme fog in brussels (EBBR), about 0.20km, active atc for 30 mins!

So what’s the point in this topic?
Is it meant to be an ATC tracking thread?

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I’m just saying that I’m active as ATC in Brussels and inviting people to join due to heavy fog… What do you want?

I have turned this into an ATC tracking thread. You can have people to fly patterns for you and give you feedback on your controlling. When you open, change the title to [OPEN] @ ICAO and when you’re closed change it to [CLOSED] @ N/A. I would swing by, but just so you know pattern work shouldn’t be allowed in low visibility so i recommend opening at a different airport with better visibility.

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alright, I just wanted to open the airport (with a friend)


tower and ground only now

leaving in 5 minutes unless someone spawns in

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