Noah06’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] - @KIND

Hello everyone welcome to my ATC tracking thread. I have passed my written test and have the practical coming soon, I would appreciate if you guy came out when I’m open. Thanks!

Airport: KIND
Status: Closed
Active Runways: 23R 23L 14


I’ll be right there

Im currently not available, but please tag me for future sessions and I’ll be glad to attend! 👍

Will do, thanks!

Now closed, thanks for showing up! If you have any feedback please leave it as a reply.

Good job in ATCing! One note, after taking off from 14 with instructions to, “make right traffic,” you had an aircraft on 32L, callsign D2-UJI in a TBM, taking off after a touch and go with instructions to “make left traffic.” To avoid a collision, I had to fly away and climb to almost 4K. Other than that, great job! btw…I was flying the F-16.


I will remember that for next time. Thank you!

(I was D2-UJI)
Hello, thanks for opening KIND I enjoyed flying some patterns. Among other reasons, KIND is one of my favorite airports because it has a really good layout for some tricky patterns. You have the basics down, there’s just a few things that you need to “get over the hump” and once you get those things down you’ll be good to go.

18:42:29- I should have been told to enter left downwind, not right downwind
18:42:42- After a runway change you MUST give a pattern direction after clearing the aircraft for the option. This is probably the biggest issue and it happened at 18:49:50 & 18:57:14 as well.
18:54:26- So here is a more complicated issue. You told Air Force 007 to make right traffic after taking off. A more appropriate command would have been left traffic because doing right traffic causes conflict with me. Also you gave me left traffic the first time, so for continuity sake that would have been a better choice.
18:59:52- You will see here I was still in the air when you gave me the exit command, usually you want this to be given 70-80 kts when the plane is on the ground.
19:00:33- Good call on the Go Around, however it may have been more appropriate to give him left traffic.

Big takeaways for next time:
-Pattern direction on runway changes
-Runway exit command while the plane is on the ground

That’s all from me if there, hope to see you in IFATC soon :)

Thank you so much for the feedback!

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@KIND9624 & @Raven would you guys liked to be tagged for the next times I open?

Now open!

Thanks for the service!

Feedback N1RG

-no issues

Have a great day!

Thanks for coming out!

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Now closed.

Now open! I would appreciate it if you stopped by!

Hi there I will come for practice in 15 min. What do you like to practice?
Doggy_House Razor 1878

Feedback N1RG

-immediate take off command wasn’t really necessary at that distance

  • you gave me a #3 option clearance but I didn’t know who I was following. The Delta that was landing kept sending unnecessary commands and I would have told him “you’re already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports. To eliminate your workload or confusion. Not to mention he was calling in on left downwind and then right base.
    -the extend downwind, I’ll call your base was also not necessary. You’d typically use that for inbound traffic and trying to get out departures. If I’m in the pattern and know who I’m following, there isn’t a use for that command since the pilots are also expected to watch
  • the pattern entry was correct for my runway change but then I never received a sequence or clearance
  • late runway exit (remember between 60-80 knots)

All from me! Thanks for having me! Keep up the good work and have a nice day!


Now closed, Thanks you all for coming please leave feedback!

Also, I have a question, say I have a Cessna on right downwind and a F16 turning crosswind behind him, would the Cessna be number 1? Or should I have the F16 be number 1 because he his much faster?

Thanks for all the help!

Depends, if the cessna is closer to turn on base leg then I think that the cessna would be number 1.

Havent done ATC for a while so im rusty and that might not be right.

I will extend downwind for Cesna and let F16 land firs