Noah_Hunt’s ATC Tracking Thread PRACTICAL PASSED - [CLOSED] @N/A

I’m open again if you want to stop by.

I’ll come in a few.

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Lol you’ve been replying for a while, did I do a lot of things wrong?

Hello, Thank for the service
Here is my feedback, callsign: 3A-SON
You did well on sequence and transition but there’s three error you made on me

  • I haven’t request ready to taxi, you give me taxi to runway 23R during pushing back
  • good job on correct my sequence
  • *I didn’t receive any clearance from you, next time make sure, keep eye on every aircraft, if you hasn’t clear an airplane his icon shows white, after you clear them, will change to green
  • late exit runway command

No other issues, in totally you did good job than most trainee, but I suggest keep eye on every aircraft on your frequency, not just focusing aircraft that’s in pattern or inbound, REMEMBER clearance > sequence.

Nice work today, Hope to see you in IFATC soon, Cheers 🥂

Ye I realized I made that mistake I thought for a second you didn’t need to pushback but by then it was too late you were already halfway through the pushback.

And I gave you it late Bc I was unsure if you are full stop, touch and go, etc I wanted to be sure you were exiting the runway before I gave it to you.

Feedback: G-EPOP

Transition was nicely done. Good altitude above the the pattern ensuring that recommended IFR separation.
Few things I saw, but nothing was a failing aspect in my opinion. Just let your sequences do the work. Your commands your sending are perfect, no need to redo the sequence because the airplane was turning to final when you said base. That’s just fine!
Secondly, after that well handled upwind conflict, I was unable to get a pattern direction with the clearance. Make sure on all runway changes and inbounds, you give a pattern direction with the clearance.
You caught the GA early, so we’ll done. Usually you look for 3nm of spacing on final, and me and Nico had 2, so good eye!
Overall I think you did very well. Keep up the great work. I hope to see you in IFATC very soon!

Erik Popescu
IFATC Officer

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Expert server?

I need pushback 😅, I can’t taxing without pushing back, you can spawn in double check it lot: Cargo Terminal 501 (beside RWY 23R)

I am pretty sure in most Bravo airport (app 99%), Jet needs pushback (except light aircraft)

Next time, if you control in Class C or B airport and on map it shows plenty taxing space, switch the angle of view(ATC HIGH) , find the aircraft, zoom in and carefully observe the lines on the ground (I don’t recommend using a black background when controlling the ground and the tower, as this will make your judgment wrong)

no training still working up my operations. I have 466/500 now

Then why is your VO IFATC?

It happens everytime sorry. Already delt with it 2 times this morning.

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I am ready with Ground and Tower!

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I’ll be over there soon.


I was VT VAR

  1. Yhr is no need for traffic direction ( After the option make left traffic ) when the aircraft took off from same airport.
    Traffic direction is needed when Aircraft changes the runqay or coming for a touch and go from another airport l.

  2. Exit runqay was a bit late at 38 kts. It should be anywhere between 80 and 60 kts for Jets.

Thank you 😊

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I’ll provide feedback later today, I’m about to start a class.

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Tag me Next Thread :)

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I was going to switch you to 23R with “Enter left base RW 23R” Followed by cleared for the option I probably could have done that to avoid the go around but I changed my mind and tried to let the situation play out.

Yeah, you slowed down so fast I looked one second and you were at 90 knots and the next you were at 30 😂

Yes I always make that mistake 🤦🏾‍♂️