Noah_Hunt’s ATC Tracking Thread PRACTICAL PASSED - [CLOSED] @N/A

Thanks for stopping by my tracking thread,
my name is Noah I have recently applied for IFATC and I need to practice A LOT of pattern work and sequencing, oh and also transitions.

I will be controlling Tower and ground

As stated above I want to be tested on pattern sequencing, and transitions

Please feel free to critique my ATC skill and PLEASE tell me if I do anything wrong.

I will try to stay open for about 30 minutes, times may vary depending on traffic.

Passed my written!!!
Sadly I failed my practical yesterday, I was so nervous and I made a lot of mistakes due to my nervousness so if you have any friends that are free to come by please do so I need as many planes on my frequency that I can handle.

Status: Closed

Thanks, Noah


I’ll bombard your airspace soon ;)

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I’ll be waiting

I’ve done a few things wrong already I can tell

Sheesh I am awful at this

Feedback from N757MX:

  • Transition altitude was a bit low. 3500ft is the correct one. The formula is: Airport elevation (In this case, Midway was 620ft) + 2500ft (620ft + 2500ft= 3120ft), then round up to the nearest 500. (3500ft)

  • Why In the world you instructed me to go to 13C? darkeyes was using the 31s, so the best option you could do is sending me to the 4s (that’s an advantage for airports with intersecting runways) or 31s. I had to request inbound again. Never use the opposite end of the runway you are using.

  • You cleared me for the option, but I was inbound for landing. So you had to clear me to land

Overall: solid session for me. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

Best regards,

ATC Officer

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Thanks, I’ll use this in the future!

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Open if you want to stop by.

Noah sad, always no traffic when I open.

Sorry @DylanIE i realized the transition alt I gave you was 500 feet to high oops

Feedback from G-KEDZ:


  • [16:53z] Correct pattern entry.


  • [16:52z] Too high transition.

  • [16:53z] Cleared for option instead of landing.

  • [16:59z] Late runway exit.


  • Transition altitude you used me was at 3500ft or above. A transition altitude can be calculated by taking the airport’s elevation and adding it to the pattern altitude for Jets which is 1500AAL. The airport elevation is 100ft so transition i would approve would be 2500ft, maybe 3000ft to be on the safer side but both are ok. I’ll put it into a forumla for you:

-Airport elevation+ pattern altitude + IFR separation (1000ft)= Transition.

  • As i called in for landing, you can clear me to land. There is no need to clear me for the option and give me ‘xxxx’ traffic as i’m full stop and not remaining in the pattern.

  • Late runway exit, given at about 50kts. Aim to give it at 70kts for commerical jets (737s, A320s etc) and 40kts for props (C172, SR22 etc).

That’s all for me, thanks for having me! Sorry that i couldn’t do patterns.

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I cleared you for the option because, that allows you to make a full stop landing is just touching down slowing down then exiting the runway a full stop, is well a full stop as the name suggest. Or am I mistaken. I always find it weird when people call for a full stop but never actually fully stop on the runway.

Although i did issue a late exit runway command.

And the pattern alt was too high I realized that seconds later. Thanks for stopping by though your time is appreciated.

It does clear you to that, but here’s the catch. I’m inbound for landing, there is no need to clear me for the option. It is completely unnecessary to clear me for the option.

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Ah okay, I see so when somebody calls inbound for a full stop that would be a clearance to land not a clearance for the option.

I was inbound that’s a difference, if someone is established in the pattern and you have already cleared them for the option then there is no need to clear them again for landing for the reasons you mentioned above. But if they call full stop and you have not cleared them yet, then you may issue a ‘clear to land’ command. My pms are open if you wish to discuss this further and/or ask any other questions. Cheers!

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Sorry I haven’t used this forum for about 2 years, so I’m not sure how to do all those fancy breaks in the posts but anyways.

  • Transition, as you mentioned, you gave a little too high. Do note that for GA aircraft the separation can be reduced to 1000ft, however this isn’t relevant in this case.

  • After you gave me my transition, as I was still climbing to that altitude, you asked for my intentions. I was going to request touch and go later, as a transition just allows me to fly through your airspace. I’m not obligated to land, I may have merely wanted to fly through.

  • Entered me into the pattern, and cleared for the option fine, although you could argue that entering the pattern at right base would’ve been better than right downwind.

  • Finally, you were telling me to turn off the runway and contact ground unnecessarily. As, I’m cleared for the option, I have the option to land, t&g, stop and go etc. You don’t know what I’ll do so you don’t need to say anything. I was going to go up for one more pattern but you told me to exit runway. On my last pattern I would’ve announced that I was full stop after which you could’ve given me the exit runway command.

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I asked you for you intentions so you could request transition again and, because there wasn’t a command for transition for me you had to request it first.

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Oh right okay. I knew you had seen your mistake, as you told me to disregard last message, but I should’ve thought of requesting transition again. :)

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