Noah_Allan's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A


Welcome to @Noah_Allan’s tracking thread I am preparing to start my journey to becoming IFATC. Please come and do some pattern work or just fly out to help me become an IFATC. If you would like me to ATC for you ask below and I will try my best to get to you.

Normal Operations:

Server: Training server
Days Open: Mon Wen Thu Fri Sat Sun
Times Available: 1600Z - 2200Z
Services Open: Tower and Ground


Airport: LSZH - Zurich
Departing Runways: 14, 16 and 28
Arrival Runways: 14, 16 and 28
Pattern Work: 14 and 16

Airport Request:

  • KPDX

NOTE - I can only provide from 1600Z - 2200Z (Sun - Thu) 1600Z - 0200Z (Fri Sat)

If you want to request an airport set the message out like this:

ATC Type:

  • For departures request - ‘Departure’
  • For pattern work request - ‘Pattern’

Make sure to set my Topic to “Watching” so you never miss when I am open!


Sorry I need to go, and another sorry for my app crashing 2 times (I don’t know why, I have plenty of storage left). And about your controlling, I think it was all nice and cool👍 Have a nice day/night😀

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Thanks for flying!

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I’m committed to helping you, and so I set this thread to watching! 😉😊

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Awesome thanks so much!!

Tomorrow I will be opening at 2020-03-16T17:30:00Z at EDDL. Let me know if anyone can make it.

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I’ll be there! Callsign N80IFL.

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I am open now.

Airport: EFHK - Helsinki Vantaa
Departing Runways: 04L, 04R and 33
Arrival Runways: 04L, 04R and 33
Pattern Work: 04L and 04R

@Brenden_Hirsch @SB110 @BinaryChess @Alexandre ?


Oh I’m so sorry, not now. Will you be open later today? 🙂

I will be open until 2020-03-16T19:50:00Z.

Can you make it?

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That is possible, but not definite. I will try. 😄

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Coming now!

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Is it ok talking about my ATC here? sending you to 04R as that’s where all my pattern work is @Georgios_P

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Of course. I will give you some criticisms :)

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It’s what I need ;)

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Alright, I was too bored for taxiing to parking :)

Here is my criticisms:

  • after you cleared me for the option 4R I asked to change to 4L. I should enter right base and that was great. But because you already cleared me you don’t have to clear me again. You did actually twice. Next time if somebody asks for runway change just give him pattern entry instruction. No second clearance for the new runway needed

  • a second aircraft wanted to approach 4L while I flew over the runway 4L for my touch and go. You told him he is number 2, traffic to follow is on final. But after flying over the threshold he should be number 1. He only saw that nobody is on final

  • tell the aircraft to exit the runway when it’s at 60kts. I already were at 20kts when you told me. That was a little bit late.

All in all you only have to improve some small things, good job 👏


Thank you for your time and I hope to see you in the skies again soon!

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You’ll actually need a pattern entry, sequence (if applicable) and a clearance for runway changes too. A clearance on 27R does not count as a clearance on 27L. :)


Feedback coming soon

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I thought that too until I talked to an IFATC. He didn’t clear me for the new runway and told me in the forum after I wrote him it’s not necessary. I will send a screenshot/ quote

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I don’t know about this one so if anyone does please say.