Noah_Allan's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A


Welcome to @Noah_Allan’s tracking thread I am preparing to start my journey to becoming IFATC. Please come and do some pattern work or just fly out to help me become an IFATC. If you would like me to ATC for you ask below and I will try my best to get to you.

Normal Operations:

Server: Training server
Days Open: Mon Wen Fri Sat
Time: 1945Z - 2115Z
Open Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Services Open: Tower and Ground


Airport: DTTA - Tunis
Departing Runways: 29 and 19
Arrival Runways: 29 and 19
Pattern Work: 29 and 19

Make sure to set my Topic to “Watching” so you never miss when I am open!


Nice thread! I’ll swing by tonight for some patterns.


Awesome thanks!

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I’ll come and do a few touch and go’s

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Brilliant, see you in 45 mins!

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So after coming to see how thing were, these are the issues that I saw.


  • you gave me the correct altitude for the transition. Well done as a lot of people get that wrong. (This is not an issue / mistake, but I just wanted to let you know that you got it right!)


  • You never gave me a sequence instruction. When more than one aircraft is in the pattern, you need to sequence all aircraft. You also need to do this after ever touch and go.

  • The turn base was not required as I was flying VFR. All pattern work is VFR.

  • You seem to have gotten your left and right downwind mixed up.



Here is a list of tutorials I recommend you watch.


Hey, I was HB-NRW in the TBM930. Below is my feedback from the session.

It was a decent session. Throughout the whole session I noticed some mistakes and some unnecessary commands. Here’s what I noted down during my patterns:


  • Runway crossing was great. As I was approaching the runway you told me to cross which saved me having to request it. Good visual awareness there.


  • When you cleared me for the option, you told me to make right traffic after the option. That wasn’t necessary because when you gave me takeoff clearance, you already told me to make right traffic. You only need to give some a traffic direction if they requested a runway change or are inbound from a different airport.
  • Whilst I was was on right downwind for runway 22L, you told me that you’ll call my base. This wasn’t needed because I was under VFR. When some is flying a pattern, they’re under VFR (Visual Flight Rules) which means they’re responsible for their altitude, speed, separation with other aircraft etc.
  • Whilst I was in the pattern with HB-CHW, I never received any sequencing. Whenever there’s more than one aircraft in the pattern you must sequence them, so that they they can maintain spacing which one another.
  • The exit runway command was also correct but a little late. For GA aircraft I recommend you send it when they’re between 40-50kts on the runway.

So that you can improve, I strongly suggest that you check out some ATC tutorials in #tutorials. They’re simple and understandable and you should be able to improve by no time.

Apart from what I listed above, everything was perfect. I wish you good luck for when you apply for IFATC and I hope you pass.


Thank you I will work on my pattern awareness and sequencing.
Thanks for your time

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Thanks a lot I will work on my sequencing for the next time.
thank you for your time.

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You still open because I can join in about 20mn

I will stay open if you can come

Ok see you in 20mn

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But since I’m doing a flight @Noah_Allan you might not be able to be my ATC due to me boarding 30MN

Don’t worry if you can’t

What was withdrawn?

just asking what you said because I did not quite understand

Oh ok thanks for the clarification

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Going to be live latter today if anyone wants to do some pattern work with me.

Spot on. Good job. Only thing I would reccomend is giving the clearance earlier in then pattern just to help when it gets busier but if your way works for you, keep it :)

I’ll try and come back again

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Awesome thanks! where in the pattern do you suggest that I give clearance to land?

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I personally do it on the crosswind leg, especially if you have an established pattern going. When it starts to get busy I’ve found that thats best place for me because once the sequencing and clearance is done I can worry about other planes inbound to the airspace. You can always resquence if needed.