No Winglet Alaskan Airlines 737-900

The 737-900:

Top speed: 511 Knots
Service ceiling: 41,000 feet
Passengers: 215
Crew: 2
Range: 3,200 NM
Wing-span: 112-117 feet
length: 138 feet
First Flight: 2000

Alaskan Airlines :

Founded in 1932
Fleet of 329
21,5 thousand employees
116 destinations
SLOGAN: Creating an airline people love

Credit: Compdude123

Wow, I would not like flying on this airplane XD

But I would love for it to be added to IF. out of votes though

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No winglet B739 = Sugarfree pie


Not bad. But the new livery of virgin-Alaskan is more beautiful than this one.

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I like the one with the Light blue.

I’m definitely up for it, as I’ll use it as a 737-400 or -600

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Like this?

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