No winds in southern region of SoFlo

I’ve flow a few times now in the past 12 hours, and have been seeing winds of 0 knots in the southern region of SoFlo. Am I the only one seeing this, or is it a bug? I am not sure so I figured I’d post here. Once you get up to around Miami area, the winds come back.

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I doubt it. Here is a live look

Correct me if I am wrong, but weren’t you talking about this in one of our Irma tracking threads?
Then you got multiple answers regarding wind conditions.

I’m pretty sure.


I did receive 2 answers on possible reasons, but it is persisting, so I wanted to post it in support to see if it was an issue or not.

I am not trying to be rude disrespectful to anyone. I hope it is not perceived that way

Weather updates every hour. If the wind developed in the past hour it won’t be in IF yet.

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Okay. I just wanted to be sure of that, like I said it was persisting. Didn’t know if I was the only one seeing it or not either.

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It could be that the station is not reporting whether it be intentional or the equipment is inop, or an issue with the server. Probably the case that there is no weather report as I am still getting weather reported as I’m not flying in Florida right now.


I just feel like 0 is strange. Especially when in the Caribbean the other day they had high winds everywhere pretty accurately. But thank you all. When ever they want to close this, go for it.

Didn’t think about the station reporting it. Makes sense

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