No Winds Aloft Connection


Winds are back! I think…


The winds are actually extreme around 3500-5000 meters around Japan right now. So this is not an issue.


Yeah it’s down to 4kts now, but I still have the red ! in the corner


I am currently flying QR23 DOH-MAN and for the past 3 hours the weather server has been down,
Is this a known issue?



Yes it is. It is being looked at.


Anyone still having issues with weather?


Yes still down for me


I just finished a flight and they were still down.


We’re still working on it… Sorry about this!


Any idea on how long it’s due to be down?


Nope. We’re still not sure of the root cause.


I had this problem too while I was flying SFO-LAX. Since the wind was at 0, it wasn’t an issue


Mines back :)


i also got it , it sucks


For me its back, thanks guys! :)


Pretty sure we have it figured out now.
For those of you still in the red, a device restart might be required.

The suspected cause was a setting to increase weather server capacity during Christmas as the amount of users online are significantly higher during that period. Now when we’re back to more normal loads, having this setting turned on might have caused some issues.

We’re not 100% sure, but i could see a pattern so we hope we’re on the right track :)