No Winds Aloft Connection


I’m on approach to RKSI on expert and I have no winds aloft connection so I’m going 181kts ground speed with a 159kt crosswind at 11000 feet. What should I do? I know once I’m on approach the winds will die down to what they are currently at the airport, but until then I’m kinda screwed.



Im having the same issue too

Oh yeah everyone here is LOL there’s a dude going 78 kts lmao

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I’m getting Winds Aloft near EHAM😕

Okay… let’s wait a few minutes now and we’ll see :)


this thing just happened to me now

It’s frequent !

I restarted the weather service.


Any change for anyone yet?


Not yet, unfortunately.

Okay, then it’s most likely not an issue on our server side.

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Nope, but only a 5kt wind, and not 200kts😂

It’s happening to everyone here though, it’s not just me.

Yes but then there’s an issue at the source, this is not something we can affect. If the source reports X amount of wind speeds… it’s what it is. We’re not doing the meteorology ourselves :)


Oh, I understand now, hopefully I can get her down!

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I am officially going 60kts in an A380!

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The winds got better once on short final.(5mins back) .Im not sure if that’s because of the service restart

Ground speed of another aircraft

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Im Korean 692 look at my speed

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That’s about as fast as my car goes on a motorway😂


still nothing for me too

I’m in flight in the training server

The winds started to die down but I had to execute missed approach