no wifi for a few hours

I wanna do long hual flights while I sleep but my wifi shuts off from 11pm till 6am (parents way of saying time to go to sleep), I was wondering if i can fly at cruising altitude without wifi and land when the wifi comes back on? Will the wifi being off affect my flight? obviously scenery will be effected along with winds not being updated

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You’ll be kicked roughly around 40 minutes of no wifi. No vios or anything, the app just crashes so no it’s not possible.


Boooooooo, but thanks!

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Just ask your parents for a night with WiFi they might agree

That’d be a nice but its not for me its for my younger siblings, con of being the oldest child😒

Why don’t they just take away thier devices??

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Do you have unlimited? You can set up a hotspot. Not super reliable though.

Edit: @Travis_rice if you have Comcast, Xfinitywifi will stay on all night even if your home wifi doesn’t.


Or ask your parents to take the device during the night so the flight can continue and in the morning they can give it back to you. And tell your father he is now responsible, maybe in the first night he will not sleep very well ;)

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Ah being the oldest same as me. well then just do a short hop or fly over the pond with the ba a318

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If you use Verizon, I believe you can set certain limits for certain devices… So there might be a chance that they can take your device off that time limit at night.

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