No wheels on F-18

Land in gear down but no tyres or wheels

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Device? Ways to reproduce? App version?

Device Samsung note 3 I’ll check versions etc I’m running

Infinite flight version 15.12.0 and on the note 3 it’s android version 5.0

It’s been OK since

This aircraft is an extremely old model and it hasn’t been touched since it was added in 2012. It will be reworked at some point

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I’m usually on advanced live server but on this occasion I was in San fransisco on free flight doing some low level mountain flying . Never usually use this but fancied a blast off the cob webs and a little thrill

The landing gear can bug out sometimes when viewing the replay.

Does this only happen in replay? What did you do to get this issue?

Only happened for the full time I was flying that region and on replay I tried retracting landing gear quite a few times to see if it would sort itself .
It’s not happened since I’ll try it again see if it happens

Done it again San fransisco region at KSFO full throttle take off in cockpit view . Retracted and extended gear a few times in flight and went into replay mode and wheels disappeared again .

This happens in the 787

I get this problem way too many times…

F-18 has no animated parts either maybe due to no updates to these aircraft . I understand time spent on other aircraft features etc which I would rather as I only mess about sometimes to change it up from commercial to fast jet