No weather

Hello good Morning! Yesterday and today I noticed that the airports I flew are in “no weather” status. I got a report and one that had a solution said to wait 5 minutes. Right now I’m on my way to SBRJ airport and it’s “no weather” at 45 minutes.
Thank you and I wait 😉

Hi there,

I just spawned in to SBGR to check, and I have the weather loading on my end. Can you check again and if the METAR does not show up, it is probably a local issue. Maybe look at the top right where the check is and click on it to see if there is a green check next to where it says “weather.” If there isn’t, it will probably be a local issue on your devise only. You may need to restart the app after your flight. On my end, the winds are 060 at 15kts, so favoring the 9s. Have a good flight and if you get this fixed, let me know.

Hi! I just landed in SBRJ, restarted the Simulator and it worked.
Thank you very much @Marina 👏🏾🛫

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No worries. I hope you had a great flight. Have a good one! I didn’t even realize that I messed up the airport! My bad

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