No Weather

Yesterday and now today I noticed airports aren’t showing weather. I’m doing KBOS-KJFK at the moment and JFK shows no weather while BOS does for some strange reason-most other airports are showing no weather as well. Thoughts? Ideas?



Most likely delayed weather services at KJFK. It should show up later.

Adding to what Bert said, you can’t do anything from your end. Wait a little longer until it shows the METAR again. :)

Yeah it’s getting worse over time not better.

Bert-it got worse as I’ve been flying JFK-LAX. I don’t understand why everything went blue. LAX was showing weather when I took off but isn’t now. Now nothing is showing weather it’s all blue coast to coast

They’re all green for me…
Try zooming in on them or pressing on any airport and see if that does anything.
If not then maybe wait a little bit and see if anything changes later on?

I got nothin at all. I did get an “API calls slow” at one point. I’m not the only one with this issue either.

I will add that KMIA and KMEM are blue for me.

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If it says that “API calls slow”, then i would suggest you wait a little longer, they should show weather status soon.

I would say don’t worry too much. This has happened to me many times before. Usually time solves the issue. Wait and it should be clear what weather is present where. But how long it’ll take is something i can’t answer on.

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I haven’t had weather since yesterday. All runways show up green, but should not be. No airports have had weather for me all weekend.

The full weather is now red (!) up top

Same. I look at to see what way the winds are going now. It is weird.

I would suggest that you continue to let it run, as this is a common issue of the server, it’ll load back in when the server’s connection is better.
Other Solutions could be:

  1. Clearing Cache
  2. Restarting your device
  3. Restart the game itself

The issue will be solved eventually and the devs will look into the matter if it persist on for a period of time.

Is it possible fl can clear cache in game on a long flight? Because 4 hours into a transcontinental flight is not the greatest time to be messing with things and certainly not time for a restart. My winds into LAX were very strange-I got a TAILWIND to a CROSSWIND at 1-5kt when I was on the glideslope at FUELR then when I got down to under just about 800’ it went to just about the right wind-completely threw off my landing when the wind went from a steady crosswind of 1kt to a head/crosswind of 10-12 knots the plane went cockeyed on me as it weathervaned and stabilized in the new surface wind I wound up floating the landing 🤬

I just done Cape Town to London Heathrow, and whilst landing the servers went down and I landed on a black floor as the scenery wasn’t loading either…

Edit: Restarted device after I landed and everything seems to be working? Certainly wasn’t going to do that after a 10 hour flight.

EHAM and WSSS without wether too…

I restarted my device. But there isn’t weather yet and all runways in all airports are green…

doubt so its possible to clear it mid flight but, im certain the devs will look into the matter asap just try clearing all background apps, restarting your device before you start a long haul that helps me everytime before i do a long haul flight. Also during flight you can try to lower your brightness and quality and of course make sure your low power mode is turned on. :) The devs will work it out no worries

did you clear any background apps running as well as the cache? low power mode plays a lil part as well. The servers occasionally will face some issues depending on your connection as well