No weather showing at airports

All the airports are showing “N/A” for weather but, the server has a green check mark for all five parameters. Weather, user account, Global Sever, API sever, live account all have green check marks, but no airports are displaying weather. What’s going on?


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Not every airport will have live weather since the devs can’t enable the current weather conditions for every airport cause it would take a long time. Is this supposed to belong in #support btw?

Sometimes it could take a bit for the weather data to download. If you know that the airport has weather data but doesn’t display it after a few minutes, consider shutting the app down and restarting your device. I’ve had the same issue in the past and did the steps mentioned above. Weather displayed as it should after restarting 😊


I’ve tried restarting the app a few times with no solutions. I’m flying in a popular region as well where the weather has properly displayed before. Thanks for the tips guys!

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If you are flying in a populated region, the data lag is gonna be slow. It’s a lot of memory for your device.

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I’ve pushed this to support just to see if it’s a known issue or not.

Can you provide the basic information of device, OS system, version etc? Will save a few posts when the staff arrive 👍🏼