NO Weather(METARS)In Canada Only

Hello. Just concerning that there is No weather available in any part of Canada
It seems the rest of the world is working
Any others see this to confirm?

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This started yesterday and is still persisting for me as well. I was about 30 seconds away from making a topic about it as well.

Would be awesome if the staff could look into this issue.

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Happened a few days ago in Brazil as well.

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Hey Buddy. Yeah I won’t fly unless I have weather. LMAO

I just check windy for winds. Or I’ll search up the METAR Online. Just an annoyance not having it on the Map

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Yes. @NathanPreuss Also use on Windy.
: Cloud Base shows the clouds

Hmm, I’m wondering if this might be some sort of provider having issues. Because the Canadian FR24 METARs haven’t been updated since yesterday either… also noticed I couldn’t get Canadian METARs or any Canadian weather for that matter, to show up on Navigraph Charts today.


Yes, we received an email earlier that NOAA is having some issues with their dataflow. Don’t ask me for further details. The email contains so many acronyms it’s barely readable :)

We’ll keep on eye on things.


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