No Weather in Global

Hi There, I have only been getting full visibility plus no cloud cover or winds, etc.
This is in Global, TS1

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What are your graphic settings?

Where are you in Global? Also, make sure your graphic settings are high.

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My Global settings are on full, and I have tried Lukla, Kathamndu, Amsterdam, and Johannesburg, all are the same.

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How is your device memory?

@Ryan_Farell @JRRaviation I have more than enough space.

There may still be issues, check the live status and see if weather is appearing as online.

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No need to make a new topic about this. I’m sure you will get an answer from the straff in the other post where you adressed the same issue. Just give it some time :-)

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Memory and storage (Hard drive space) are different. Storage is where the OS is located for long term storage, as well as all of your files, which includes infinite flight. Your memory, or RAM, is where your phone dumps the OS when it boots so it’s easier to access faster. If you have other apps running that consume a lot of your phone’s RAM, Infinite Flight may not have enough space to allocate the RAM needed to cache scenery, airports, etc.