No weather for all airports

I don’t have METARs for any airport in IF. What is going on?

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Looks fine here. 1430Z on the ones i checked. 1450Z on some others. But all is working.

This is what I see @schyllberg.

Looks like more and more people are having the same issue. Nothing on my end but eh.

On my end, it’s still at “Downloading Weather Data…”.

A similar problem occurred for me a few weeks ago. I was told to wait until the top of the hour, as the weather connection resets hourly.

At least that’s what I remember.

Am having the same problem but my weather connection for every airport is fluctuating every 10 seconds

It’s back for me.

Mines fluctuating alot

Where are you seeing this at?

As a pilot? As a controller? What screen? What server?

Am flying from EGPH-EGLL its fluctuating through the whole route

Odd. Looks fine here… but I’ll restart it all.

Restart complete.

@T2118AB @Philippe_Gilbert @SouljaFlight - how is it looking for you now?

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Looking all good now!

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It’s all good now!

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Thanks for restarted @schyllberg

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