"No weather" at all airports

Heya! I am currently flying and all of the airports near me have “no weather”. I know that one other person is experiencing this as well so want to check if any of you guys are experiencing the same issue?


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Take a look at what Seb said:

It’s not just you and the other person.
Should (hopefully) be fixed soon! :)

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It’s all airports now? It was only the winds aloft before.

I’m in the China region and a lot of the smaller airports don’t have any weather data available. However, on the ground some light to moderate winds are noticeable. I wouldn’t be too alarmed for now and like Starley linked above this matter is being looked at.


In the UK it is every single airport - also looks the same well into Europe

It’s not every Airport in the UK, it seems to me it’s just certain fields

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you are probably having a different experience then, for me it is every airport

Don’t worry, the proper channels were notified and we are following up on this report. We should have an update and a change in status while this is investigated.


Thanks Levet!

Can’t take any credit, I’m just blessed to be a messenger with the great folks behind the scenes.


not all heroes wear capes ;)


Just additionally, I am experiencing the same issue as the OP.

The service was restarted on our end.

Me & @Levet have been checking dozens of airports that are not reporting any METARs and found that they are either not transmitting any METAR to begin with, or haven’t been for several days.

There probably was something going on before the service was restarted, but it looks fine now.


Thanks for all the help and hard work as usual


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