No way I just got a violations OMG

Yo there no way I just got a violation in exaspert servers omg help what do I do now

Carnt some just who owns the game and get rid of the violations and get me to grade 5 already

And can someone put me on grade 5 for me so then I don’t get any violations thx… help pls help help what do I do help pls thx…

The whole point of the grading and violation system is to keep the expert servers for experts only. If anyone could get to grade 5 that easily, including beginners, the grades wouldn’t have a meaning.

What to do now? Learn from your mistakes instead of complaining. You have 6 level 2 violations this year - perhaps go through YT tutorials or the user guide to avoid getting more.

The training server is a great place for you to train in, so use this break from the ES to do so :)


listen to atc instructions and don’t do stuff that you shouldn’t?


I was listening to the ACT control tower

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If you believe you have unfairly received a violation, contact the appeals team.

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If you’re unsure why you got a violation, perhaps PM your controller and have chat with them. Those are your options, PM with controller or appeals team. Please note that our controllers are here to help you learn and why to see pilots do their best, contact them if you want to understand your mistakes.

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You’ve received no less than 6 violations since April 13th. Sorry to say but there’s clearly a pattern here of not following the instructions and/or rules of Expert Server.

And as mentioned by others, if you believe the received violation was given without cause - send a PM to Appeals. That’s the only way to get it removed if it was given incorrectly.

Note that they will not be discussing your previous violations, so there’s no point in trying stuff like this: