No warnings?


Today i was flying from CYYZ to EHAM in an KLM 747-400. I was on short final, and i set 1000ft in the autopilot. When the aircraft came to 1000ft, I reduced the speed to 160 knots (I read on an topic here that the landing speed of an 747 was 140 knots so i thought i was okay) after i did that, i lowered the gear and watched how it lowered. When i got back in the cockpit i checked everything before taking manual. I saw there that i forgot to set my flaps, they were still on 5°. I wanted to set them to full but in an blink of an eye i saw my plane on 400ft and rapidly desending. As an last try to survive, i applied full power and retracted the gear (go-around), but it wouldnt matter, i crashed into a feeld close to Schiphol.

My general question is, shouldnt i have got a approaching stall or a stall warning? If that had been the case, i could have performed a go around. And if the landing speed from a 747 is 140 knots, why was i stalling at 160kt?

Your weight must have played a big factor in this.

Hey there you probably did hear the stall warning but for the weight of the B747 you shouldn’t go below your V-speeds and putting all your flaps down will cause your plane nose to go up which probably caused you do go down to 400 ft hope this could help you


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Why you didn’t receive a stall warning: 160kts is not low enough
Why you stalled at 160kt: Flaps 5

And according to your words, the controls of yours played a huge role in this ‘incident’, nobody lowers the gear that late and flaps are still 5 after gear is lowered (should be around 10-20 by then), I suggest you either ignore the ‘manual’ or do it earlier to prevent this.

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Thank you my friend you are very realistic

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Who? What do you mean?

Aight, thanks all! I think we can blame this accident to me, the pilot, for forgetting the flaps…


Thank you for the help, but i dont think i lowered the gear to late. I was 6.5 nm out

Ah I see, no problem.

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