No volume on IPhone 8+

I can’t seem to figure out what is the cause for my loss of volume. I have used this app before so I know it works but currently it does not. I have done all of the troubleshooting (restarting app/phone, uninstall/reinstall, volume and ringtone check, in game volume check, etc) yet I’ve had no luck. I have a side app that runs along with IF and it’s volume works perfectly fine in game in the moments in needs to so it is restricted to the actual game itself. If anyone could help or point me to someone who can, I’d appreciate it!

Flip the switch on the side. If that one is put in “Mute”, Infinite Flight will be silent too.

Did you turn your phone off from silent mode?

EDIT: Oh come on! @schyllberg beat me to it XD

Now I feel like a complete fool! Lol You just saved a man from breaking his phone! Still getting the hang of iPhones! Thank you so much!!!


Haha! No worries. You’re not the first to make this very simple but troubling mistake :)

Happy to help!

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