No voices found?

I noticed that for some reason I have no atc sounds anymore and when I go to check it, it says “no voice found” when I go to change it the app resets…


Have you got a text to speak voice installed,

IOS or Android?

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If not, then download one

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I have ios`

When you go to your settings does this show up if you click on voices? like this screen

If you have no voices click on the one you want and then this screen should show up. And then you can download some🙂 hopefully this helps


Thanks @Alphadog4646 for explaining that. I dont use IOS

I tried that and it didn’t work

Did you have the voices before as in maybe you updated your device to iOS13 and lost them?

Yes! I just realized that

Hmm, I haven’t heard of any issues so far with iOS 13 and IF in relation to Pilot Voices disappearing but stranger things have happened in the past. Have you tried reinstalling Infinite Flight?

Did you exit the app while a sound was playing? (Atc talking)

Not that I remember

How did you make out with reinstalling Infinite Flight?

Still the same, I noticed when I try to change the pitch, the app crashes

So in the settings you can see voices now but the app is crashing when you adjust pitch?


Can you go into your devices settings then Accessibility -> Voice Over -> Speech. Make sure you have all of the voices downloaded and once you’ve done that go ahead and reboot Infinite Flight. Check to see that the voices are listed.

You’ll see a screen like this:

No still not seeing voices, same with the pitch it crashes… I think it was the update

Okay, can you power down your device fully and then turn it back on? Let’s start this with a clean slate. Make sure you downloaded all of the voices first though.

Could you be useing IOS 13 beta