No voice for ATC

Hey so this is only on android that im facing this issue…multiple times i noticed im unable to hear ATC voice…for example when i check ATIS, there is no voice for it…is this a common issue?

My pilot and atc voice on settings show no voice found…this happens randomly

Could someone help me out?

If you haven’t taken off yet maybe try to fully close the app then open it

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oh its fixed now…restarted for second time…i dont know what was the issue

Hello! Could you tell us what device you’re on and what version of Infinite Flight you’re running? Also has this issue occurred before or this this the first/only time.

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Guess I was a second too late. But happy to hear the issue is fixed now. Enjoy your flight! :)

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i have had this issue earlier too…only on android though…i was flying on Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro

I think the topic should be closed mod. The problem was solved for sure

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Yes please…a mod can close the topic…thank you

It’s actually happened to me. Only when them send " Thank You, Good Day. HA-BIL "

Oh…im having this issue on all communications…sometimes i can hear only mine…there are times when there isnt any ingame sound…but when i restart its fixed

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Can you check the ATC volume the next time it happens?
For some reason for me the ATC volume gets muted sometimes

Checked everything it was all high

Nevermind then

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Sometimes that happens. It’s an odd thing, but a minor one.

Just change a voice from whatever it was to a new one. You can switch it back immediately after if you wish. Follow these steps…

  1. Go to ‘Settings.’
  2. Go to ‘Live,’ the second tab from the top on the left.
  3. Scroll down to either ‘Pilot Voice’ or ‘Default Voice.’
  4. Switch either of these to a new voice package (eg. from Karen en-AU to Moira en-IE). If you wish, you can now switch back to what you earlier used.

It’s a bit of a DIY fix, but it works. Good luck!


Oh ok…i restarted app twice and it worked…but i’ll be sure to try this next time if at all i face this issue again…thanks :)

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