No violations?


You should receive violations regardless aircraft class. 250kts below 10.000ft MSL is a general rule.

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I wish that happened to me… now I have to deal with grade 3 for 3 days :(

Why would you risk it for the violations?

Besides, it’s not a good glitch. It is unrealistic and ruins others experience.

me too
i think there is no speed limitation in c130j

The limitation applies for ALL of the aircrafts. 250KIAS below 10.000ft MSL is the maximum speed or you get a violation.

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Takeoff out of Big Bear and avoid entering airport airspaces and you can exceed 250 below 10K

Perhaps. Most likely some sort of bug in that case. But i’m talking about general rules on TS1 & Expert, for which you get violations.

Of course I know the general rules give you a violation

How good for you. Others in here does not seem to though.

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