No violations?

Hey everyone this is my first Surpport thing, so sorry if I mess up.

I was accidentally Flying at around 350kts on TS1, I never received any violations (note this is in the C-130J). To test this I went on Sydney region and toke off and travelled to ‘Lake gorge’. I traveled at 280kts at 2,500ft (500ft above actual ground). In the whole time I never received a violation. I was on AP the whole time crossing lake gorge

iPad Air (1)
iOS 10 (Beta) *this is before current beta
Current IF version

Consider yourself lucky ! You sure you weren’t look at ground speed ?

I was on Autopilot

Updated it

Should I contact the devs

Perhaps the developers accidentally set the class of aircraft to fighter jet.

Maybe just wait a few hours and see if any IFC members can answer your question , then I would contact David …

in some regions somehow you dont get violations. For example in SoCal northwest of big bear theres such a no-violation-bermuda-triangle.

But even if you’re in a fighter jet below 10,000 you would still get a violation, no?


No you won’t.

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Oh, I didn’t know that. I also noticed that on the C-130 there’s no overspeed.

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I was departing from KSAN

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I’m pretty sure I have been given a violation warning in a fighter jet below FL100 …

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See, it’s being classed as fligter jet.

Mabey it was the bug she was talking about

When I fly fighter jets I would get violations

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Hang in I remember getting a warining taking of from KNUC but that’s all

I think I will contact David or Philippe

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Yes you would.

Wait! Not sure.


Yes you do. I’ve flown over 250 by accident and gotten recked by the violations before