No Violations

I just got to grade 3 but it says i have too many violations but i have none. wut going on?

Is this something recent? What grade are you currently? It could be related to this:

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This is your issue.

Provide a screenshot of your logbook/grading Details. It’ll help a lot.

Basically to just describe the issue, you have too many violations, and not enough landings. Read what i provided above, and that shall explain things even better.

The user doesn’t say he has tried to access a server? It could be a violation count preventing him from actually achieving grade 3 even though his stats say otherwise.

To the OP, provide a screenshot of the screen that says you should be grade 3 and elaborate on what you’re trying to do please.

The reason you can’t enter the expert server is that you have more than 50% violations to landings ratio. Say you have 10 violations you need 20 or more landings to fly on expert. Your grade table won’t show you your total number of violations only the most recent. You can check your total number of violations in the LiveFlight App or their website. Also if you want to enable expert server flying all you need to do is land more perform T/G on either casual or the training server.


Dear, Gollemitt
Thank you for letting me know about these guide lines that i never
had time to read. It is a blessing to have someone be in a community to
help me overcome my problems.

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