No VA's

The mods and developers have said MULTIPLE times that you can’t advertise virtual airlines here, as they aren’t supported in IF yet, and its like spamming the wall.


I agree. Event though I own a VA would I continue spamming about it? No, no I would not!

Sorry about that, missed that release. Have removed my post


VA’s are a unique experience. You can fly as a Pilot for a Virtual Airline, and there are ranks, frequent flyer programs, rewards and unique experiences. I got into it for the social side, and ended up being CEO of KLM Virtual. I would be happy to go through the specifics with you should you be interested. I believe an episode of FlightCast on Virtual Airlines would help to clarify to everyone what they are and their purpose.

^ Pointless. They’re not supported and useless until then. No point in a FlightCast episode…


Well if that is your opinion then that is so. I will have my own

Yes, that is what I though @Rotate. Thanks for your clarification on this matter

@divebuddha @KLM_Virtual_Airlines @B767fan @Michael_Black

Firstly, there are to be no arguements about anything to do with the ownership of a VA. The rules regarding advertising for such groups, are a little more “loose”-If a VA wants to advertise itself here on a single thread only, although it probably won’t be to the joy of many, they most likely won’t get scolded. I personallu think of groups or VA’s want to advertise themselves here, they can. But there has to be limits, and it should only to be a certain extent.

Secondly, I think we all need to accept that all of our preferences are not the same. That’s not to say we can’t “politely” ask questions.

Cheers :) ;)


I don’t like coming on here and scrolling through 10+ posts to find new info… @divebuddha, they are useful in other sims like FSX where a lot of things are possible but this is a mobile sim, not FSX & P3D.

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I’m sure you do Leigh! Sorry if it seemed I was targeting that at you, I honestly wasn’t. Just a general reminder for everyone.

Cheers :) ;)

Cyber sarcasm is hard to understand. Probably not the best place to be using it here. I do not have an ego, if that is what you think of me. I was trying to be a helpful community member. Please try to understand in future that we do have feelings too.

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So, what happens if you become a pilot for a VA? Do you still retain your callsign or do you have to change it to that of the VA?

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