No valid ATC ops found


I have recently gained grade 5 and am looking for my next challenge on infinite flight (being advanced ATC) however i’m not quite sure how i can check my stats, having looked at live flight it says no valid ATC ops. I find this quite hard to believe as ive had live since the day it came out.

If anyone from ATC can help me out that would be much appreciated.


Unfortunately, you can not view your ops until you are advanced ATC. Please read the below post;

There you should contact 1 recruiter (only 1) and ask them for your op counts. To see if you have enough. Hope to see you controlling soon and congratulations on your grade 5


You can only see your ops if you’re IFATC.

However, it’s still registered for those who aren’t. Ask @Tyler_Shelton and I’m sure he’ll help you out!


Thank you for your quick reply, appreciate it.

No problem! If you contact that recruiter they will inform you if you are eligible. I then suggest you contact a scout based on your time zone.