No VA in front of the username

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Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.2 (465)

Device Information

IPAD Pro 11 (14.01)


Selected Airfrance KLM as my VA/VO in my IFC. Saved profile.
But it does not show in IF, is only shows my username John370 and does not show AFKLM in front of it.

Steps to reproduce

  • Save again in IFC profile
  • Start IF

Expected results

Describe the expected result
AFKLM in front of John370

Actual results

No results

More Information

Unlinked and Linked account in IF.

It won’t show your VO I’m front of your account. It will only show when you are flying in your display name :)

Yes I know and it doesn’t.

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It takes 5 minutes for the info to update and display in the app.

Restarting your session will generally expedite this process.

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Been doing it for more than an hour…

Me and John have been trying this out for a bit of time. He could see it on mine but I couldn´t see it on his
(I´m on Oneplus 7 Pro)

Yes. When you restart your session, you’ll see it displayed. Unless you’ve already completed that this isn’t an issue.

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That wouldn´t be the case cause he has restarted the session multiple times and it didn´t show up every time

Seeing that @John370 is still on build 465 a new build was dropped about 5 hours ago. Update to 468 and test this again before we continue. Thanks.

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I have 468 ( sorry did not put that in the message )

This is not an issue. Your [AFKLM] VA tag is show properly. VA identifiers do not show up in the aircraft tag when you tap on them such as what @Emiel_l screenshotted.


As designed. Not an issue