No update in the Play Store

When you go to the play store your should be able to tap the three lines next to the search bar. Then go under my “apps and games” and it should show ypu the apps that have available updates.

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You should check if your device is compatible with the new version.

It’s Staged release wait until you receive it keep refreshing every day.

I have the same problem and school is tomorrow! :(

It says here it’s 100% been released to Android


No the staged release has been completed on both platforms.
Can you check the app informations in the playstore and see if it is written version 17?
Also can we know more about your device that you are using. Thanks!

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It may not auto update because of the size

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I have Android 5.1.1 and I not Have te Update 😢

Is 5.1 ok? if not you may need to use a different device

The OS is okay actually. My device is also 5.1 and I can run Global smoothly

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You have OpenGL ES 3.0

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Yeah I tried that but no use

Its still says version 16.03.0 the old one

What is your Android Version

Your device is more then likely un compatible with global unfortunately. A quick screen shot of your device software/ specs can confirm this.

Hey guys i have a HTC 626 android 5.1 and i haven’t received the update is something rong with the phone or with the playstore?

Is your device compatible as shown Here

Yes my phone is 1Ram of memory and android verson 5.1

Same thing its happening to me man…

My android version is 4.4.2 I know it doesn’t work but my openGL ES is supported and RAM is 1 GB