No update in the Play Store

Yeah I tried that but no use

Its still says version 16.03.0 the old one

What is your Android Version

Your device is more then likely un compatible with global unfortunately. A quick screen shot of your device software/ specs can confirm this.

Hey guys i have a HTC 626 android 5.1 and i haven’t received the update is something rong with the phone or with the playstore?

Is your device compatible as shown Here

Yes my phone is 1Ram of memory and android verson 5.1

Same thing its happening to me man…

My android version is 4.4.2 I know it doesn’t work but my openGL ES is supported and RAM is 1 GB

Can u tell me ur android version

I thought it wasn’t compatible but the developers are not sure 100 that it will work below 5.0 and also I wasn’t the only one stuck in this problem

Yeah my Android verson is 5.1

Does openGL ES 2.0 work

openGL ES 2.0 does not work for this version. You need a device that is rated at ES 3.0 or more. Hope this helps!

you have to wait for someone to create a link to android

I have an s7 edge which is compatible and still hasn’t been pushed yet. It will come. Just be patient.

Thank you for your advice and for staying positive,if the update works for my phone I can wait for a year.

It will not work on OpenGL ES 2.0 sorry man

Your device is not compatible.

So why haven’t I got the message saying its not compatible , anyone knows