No update, home page freeze

Hi infinite flight team,

I am having trouble with the application and haven’t received the 20.3 update yet. I am assuming that all of the application updates have been sent out as I can’t get into the application now. Please let me know what I can do to solve this issue as fast as possible.


What is your device and operating system?

iPad mini 4

What is your iOS?

14.2 is the operating system. Happy belated Chanukah.

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So can you go to the app store, home page, tap on your name/memoji in the top right, scroll down on that screen, and look to see if IF is there? If not, send a screenshot of what you see with your information blurred/blacked out. And thank you

I already tried that. There is nothing Infinite Flight there. Just the normal App Store update page.

Ok, can you search for Infinite Flight, tap on the result, and show me what it looks like in a screenshot?

Hold on I might need to re-download it. Let me see if this works.

Are you on the beta?

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I was that might be the problem.

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All set thanks.

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Just redownloading IF should fix it and be entirely up to date

That is what it was thanks for the help.

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