No update (21.1)

Hey guys, i didnt have the new update 21.1 my actual version is 20.03 can everyone help me thanks

Hi, I assume you are android. It was upgraded for 64 bit devices. And if you can’t it’s a 34 bit I assume


If you’re unable to find the most recent update of Infinite Flight, first make sure that Google Play Store cache is restored as this is a common problem with updates or purchases not being detected.

You can find instructions on how to do that here:

If all seems good there, it might be that your device unfortunately isn’t compatible with the most recent version.
For further development to continue, the minimum device requirements had to be raised with 21.1.

To find out more about this and ways to check if your device is compatible, please read the topic linked below:

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thanks for the tip and the fast answer
but my android have 64 bit and my software is 9.1
sorry im not the best in english

If you have a 64bit processor then you should be able to play the new update, however I believe some are 64bit with a 34bit processor

But I’m not technical

Shall we start with perhaps the most important question currently?

@Gamer cam you confirm exactly what device you are using?

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thank for help i look again
ps: i have a honor 8a im not sure wheter i have 64 bit or 32 bit

im not sure i have a honor 8a in the internet is overall writing that my phone have 64 bit

Honor 8A might be using a 64-bit chipset, but unfortunately it seems to be running a 32-bit version of Android which unfortunately makes your device incompatible with 21.1.

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oh ok thanks for the answers (: