No, United will not charge for Overhead Bins

Everyone saying that UAL will charge for using the overhead bins, is completely wrong


Thanks for clearing this up. I personally was completely against that decision.


Agree with this rule.

I do bleve that Michal O’Leary hacked into their press relese system & created this hoax.


Lol why do you make an own thread an dont comment that its wrong on the other thread :D

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Who’s that?

Ryanair CEO.


Actually, I think you are wrong. A quick google search will show a heck ton of websites (a lot of them are very reliable) stating this is true, and only one (yours) saying it’s not. And I haven’t heard of that website before, so I’m not sure if it’s reliable.


They have done the smartest thing.

Probably due to all of us IFC members complaining about it , that is definitely what stopped this heinous crime against humanity !


I like how it says how you better meet there size standards

Well, I guess we’ll find out next year then. Who knows. Who cares. All I can see is that united will be losing a lot of customers if they bring this into effect.

To be fair true or not I personally wouldn’t mind if more airlines were charging for overhead bins. I travel a lot in Europe and the stupidity of a lot of passengers when it comes to use the overhead bins is sometimes beyond ridiculous!

Now I’m not entirely sure if charging customers is best solution but in general I think more strict rules on the use of overhead bins will be beneficial for everyone, airlines and passengers ;)

So, the information that @SingaporeAirlines had was fake?

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