No UI mid-flight

I was just reaching TOD of a 10 hour flight from Tokyo to Abu Dhabi when the whole user interface disappeared, leaving me with no option to do anything but quit the app. As shown in the video below, I could pinch to zoom in and out, swipe to look around, but no buttons were visible nor could be pressed. The aircraft seemed to rock side to side in accordance with winds and turbulence, but it was hard to tell whether it had any forward directional movement. The throttle and yoke were also operational, under the control of the autopilot.

A force quit of the app returned the user interface, but I had to end the flight in doing so. There seemed to be no way to fix this without affecting the flight itself.


iPad Air 2 (MGKM211/A)
iOS 11.2
Infinite Flight 17.12.2 (although I seem to have an update for it)

Troubleshooting Attempts:

  1. Leaving app running to see if the UI returns after a period of time. (I left it for 30 minutes)

  2. Restarting my wifi router

  3. Connecting to a 4G personal hotspot, as well as a 5G band of my home wifi

None of the above steps had any effect whatsoever.


The behaviours of this glitch reminded me of an issue I had nearly a year ago with the old version of Infinite Flight. See below for more:

I don’t usually like creating support topics, but I felt like this needed to be brought to attention.



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This have been addressed during the current testing cycle and should hopefully be fixed in the coming update. So, hopefully it’s not an issue in the future.


How strange - I have an iPad Air 2 as well and have never had anything of the sort happen to me…


The same thing has happened to me with an iPhone 7 Plus.


This is not a device specific issue. It can happen to anyone while some never will encounter it.


Is it a server related issue?

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I don’t know. I just know i read “Found an issue! Should be fixed” from a prominent developer :)


This has happened with me as well.

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For me when I experience it I simply press the home button then get back onto infinite flight without losing my flight and the UI comes back. Must be different for various circumstances.

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Yeah, that didn’t work for me.

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@bensonb Have no fear! I too can confirm what Seb said 😉