No turbulence since the release of 20.3

Hello everyone.

I am sorry if this is a known issue but I said that I’d say it because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

First Incident
Since the release of update 20.3, I have had no turbulence whatsoever. I realised the issue about a week ago when I was flying into and the winds were 170@27G40 and the runway heading was 160. I was expecting to have quite heavy turbulence but to my surprise the aircraft was perfectly stable. I was really confused but I decided to let it slip and fly a different route to see if it was just the airport that I was at.

Second incident
Today I was flying EINN-EGLL and it was quite windy at FL310. The wind was crosswind at 90 knots and again, the plane was experiencing no turbulence. This time I was convinced that there was a bug so I have decided to put it up here.

To be honest I have done more than 2 flights since the release of 20.3 but they were all in the new 757 so I just ignored it. Since these 2 flights were not in the 757, it has confirmed for me that it is not just in the 757. These flights were carried out in the E190 from ENBO-ENBR and the A320 from EINN-EGLL. I have also asked people in a VA and they have the same issue as me.
Once again if this is a duplicate I apologise but just in case I said I’d post it. Thank you


I think your correct it is a bug hopefully a dev notices

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I have the same issue… 90 knot headwind the other night and no turbelance at all!

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I have the same issue, hopefully it’s fixed soon

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This issue has been discussed here and we are aware that the turbulence factor seems to be off.

However, strong winds does not necessarily mean that you should encounter turbulence - @LordZakCreaser


Same. I am flying KMIA-KJFK and winds are 67kts from the west

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Thank you, I wasn’t aware of that topic

Again, winds & turbulence are two different things ;)

I am experiencing it on other aircraft aswell, not just the 757

If you take a moment and skim through the various posts in the topic, you’ll see that it’s been adressed :)
Which is why i said;

That obviously affects all the aircraft :)


Same here, no turbulence since the patch. I love turbulence. It adds life to the flight.

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Agree, the amount of heavy wind change during APP into KJFK was not represented by turbulence as before the update

I did a flight from Austin TX to Heathrow, and did cross a very very light turbulence zone over the Atlantic

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i have flown about 14 flights since patch, no turbulence and i went on to look for it. this is with 6 different aircraft.

Schyllberg have stated on several occasions he is fully aware of this issue & he is looking into it. Until then we just wait. I reckon there’ll be an update on IF to fix this problem as I have noticed myself in my recent flights theres no/little turbulence since 20.3 update.

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Yeah, i am from the east coast, just fly from KBOS to KLGA, if there is no turbulence there, something is wrong lol.