No titles KLM Boeing 747-400

Yes, u are seeing this right.

Today, i am requesting the no titled KLM 747-400(M) with the registrationg PH-BFY. It was delivered brand new to KLM in 2002 and spent its entire life and was withdrawn from use in March of 2020. It spent 4 months in Amsterdam before been shipped to Mojave via Chicago in June.

Why should it be added?
We already have the base livery for it. Its also a nice reminder that we were the lucky few who saw the KL 747 fly.

Thanks for looking

Nice request, but I would say this is probably last in place for aircraft livery since there is no practical use in the game, maybe others have different opinions ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway don’t forget to vote for your own feature :)

It has this lack of a livery because it can’t fly…

I’m pretty sure nobody want this though. :\