No Tickee, No Shirtee! (NO FLIGHT PLAN/NO SERVICE)

Took the time to survey the Playground and Advanced traffic loading this AM. Amazing, 90% of the aircraft aloft had NO Flight Plans Filed and where still receiving ATC Services! In my world everybody files a flight plan just to get a Squawk Code if there flying within the modern ATC automated system. Even the GA folk file just to go VFR or T&G at there local tie down field so the traffic cops in the Centers don’t get blind sided. Under the circumstances let me suggest that ATC Clean up this IF anomaly and refuse service to any aircraft entering controlled airspace. We all win, the Fleglings learn Flight Filing/Chart work/Nav and the “Seasoned” Aviators fly by example and good airmanship. No Tickee, No Shirtee as my old Momma Son use to say or for you “others” stay at homes; No Flight Plan, NO ATC SERVICE!! Just Sayin. Mad Max Sends

(this is an Advanced/Playground recommendation only)


I understand max but we need option to Save plans in folder and Share It. This would change ppl attitude. Ppl who don’t know how to create one or just wanna jump-in an go for joyride, 1 click loading plan would deff help. and also how they departure/arrival to airport. Sometime I’m one of the guy just fly-off ;)

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Playground is acceptable. People are still learning or want a break from the strigent rules of the asvanced server.

However not filing a flight plan in advanced, that’s something that shouldn’t be allowed

I’m tempted to move this to Features or Live but I suppose it could work in General too. I’ll leave that up for you to decide :).

Agree with the “Save Plan Option”. It should be a Topic for consideration. As for those who don’t know how use the planner read the Tutorials learn or go fly on the crash dummy server. For the the folk who know the system. Don’t file, don’t fly in controlled airspace Period. Filing is a good thing it keeps the playing field honest, controllable and professional. Max Sends


(Well thanks for the non-move consideration!) Consider the benefit Boeing. With a Filing requirement on both the Playground & Advanced that orphan server becomes a kindergarten. Matriculation in learning is a win-Win proposition. Max Sends

Great idea any aviator with half a brain cell can realize the value of a flight plan even while flying VFR. You wouldn’t go flying in real life without a flight plan and alternative airport. I’m so sick of people saying things are ok to do on the playground but not advanced isn’t the playground suppose to train pilots to move to the advanced sever? It needs to be renamed to the training sever.


I can see where you’re getting at here better…

Fair assessment of situation. I could see this happening now.

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@Aernout… Note this post died on the vine… Note it’s muted as compared to the other daily posts. Does the muting indicate it was closed down by a MOD? If not what’s the significance of a muted post? Max

@Maxmustang muted is a personal setting

Thank you oh Great Sage & font of all wisdom! Warm Regards, Max

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It’s just a personal setting, you might have clicked it by accident :)

I always file a flight plan. Have been known to change mid flight if wind has changed at arrival airport. I like to file a new flight plan for every flight. I personally would not use a saved flight plan. Just sayin.

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I don’t know where to start. But I am glad I went back and read the initial post saw it stated that this was an advanced/playground server recommendation.

Because if you really think about, you aren’t “filing” a flt plan. You are creating a flt plan for your navigation system actually and IF ATC can see it.

I would also be very careful trying to comparing Infinite Flight with real world flying because as we all know there are major differences and we make exceptions to accommodate flying in the IF world. For example, when I fly my piper archer in real life, local VFR, I don’t file a flt plan. When I do touch and goes, I don’t file a flt plan. When you file a VFR flight plan with a Flight Service Station (FSS), ATC doesn’t see it, JFYI. Unless you verbally tell them your route. Filing a VFR flight plan just adds another safety insurance in case you don’t make it to your destination. The search party will go looking for you along the route you filed if you don’t speak with a flight service Station to close it.

Now flying IFR is a totally different animal and I don’t have time to go into details. But usually all airlines have to file an IFR flight plan of course.

Doea the advance server require pilots to create a flight plan? Because I am guilty of no doing that when staying in the pattern…please advise if I’m doing something wrong.

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For all flights on IF? Or just those flying above FL180 on IF?

I do believe he’s talking about all flight so ATC and others know your general route obviously not for pattern work though that would just be silly. And since VFR flight is impossible now since the new update I think everyone’s flying IFR weather they want to or not.


Off topic but you should post pics sometime of your archer Piper’s are my favorite aircraft so sexy :)

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If you’re staying in the pattern, you’ve told tower you were doing so at take off so I’d say a flight plan is not at all necessary. Even if at some stage you leave the pattern you would tell tower which direction you’re departing, so no flight plan required.

However for better communication / understanding, if you fly VFR to a distant airport this is always useful to file one, so that ATC can see your intentions and leave you alone as much as possible :)


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I’m no means anti-flight plan, but at same time not every airports controlled by controllers, if you gonna fly in remote area for training purposes you should be able to hop-in and fly out, I don’t think it’s big issue when you flying far away from major airport and not gonna come contact with ATC.

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I follow a checklist that @Harry made for the Users that have requested it. I always file a flight plan always!

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