No terrain?

I’m currently in a flight from London to New York and whilst crossing some parts of eastern Canada, I’ve noticed that there is no terrain. It’s just blue as if it was water when I’ve clearly passed over or near land. I tried modifying the settings in-flight with no luck. This seems to be only happening after crossing water since this also happened on a flight from Paris to London.

Any help is appreciated as I would like to see the amazing global terrain during my flight!

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Check your WiFi connection. If it isn’t enough to stream the terrain, it won’t load the terrain.

THIs happened to me as well. Really annoying

Isn’t part if northern Canada no terrain on purpose?

My connection is stable and usually has no issues when starting up a flight. This is only occurring after crossing an ocean or body of water for some reason.


Shouldn’t be as there are airports too. I’m approaching USA and I still don’t have any terrain. It’s just blue like the ocean.

Here you will find a map of where to find 15 m HD satellite imagery. Eastern Canada have HD:

I’m aware of this. But there is no terrain at all. It’s just blue. I will post pictures when I land.


Please reinstall after landing, as this may be corrupted scenery. Also, please give more details when posting a support topic so we can better assist. Device, OS, etc…


I’m not sure if it’ll work because I already reinstalled the application after the Paris-London flight which had the same issue.

If it’s any use now, here are some details:
Device: iPad mini 2
iOS 11.0.2
Current IF version (global)
Not jailbroken/rooted

Ive got the same problem in flight as well. Im over England right now, and its just all water, and then black space below me. My altitude AGL is ranging from 40,000-41,500 feet, when my AP is set to 41,000, which proves im over land. Ive got an iPhone SE on the current version of global.


Here are the images as promised:

ive got the exact same problem. It looks just like that, but where the ground should be, there is just blackness.


Do you mean something like this?

Nope, it’s not. I did a flight earlier and when I reached Riyadh, the airport disappeared. This time, I had to end the flight because Idk what happened to the terrain. This was in Saudi Arabia.

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I’m pretty sure the non HD isn’t that bad ;).

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i’m having the same issue flying over Turkey, says i’m not connected to the live server. Anyone else have this issue of not connecting to the server?

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nope i have all the servers connected and running fine…i wonder whats causing this problem

Was flying north/north east of Turkey, when the issue started, decided to divert down into Dalaman, however discovered this issue was with the whole of Turkey.

The first issue, connection wise, was API service(??), then issues with the server, then perfect connection but the issue remained

yep thats exactly what i have, im scared to attempt a landing if i cant see…but ill just rely on my instruments