No terminal for Delta at LAX in IF

I noticed that in infinite flight, terminal 3 at LAX has not been updated to the newest model. Just wondering if that is going to be updated soon. Currently there are no gates for delta at LAX in IF…


The team have been updating LAX where possible (new satelite terminal, redone terminal markings, general T3 progress etc) since its release. We’ll try and update T3 when the needed imagery and resources are avaliable, however can’t set a time frame for its completion. Thanks! :)


Actually there are, park at terminal two on the North East side and you will find plenty of delta gates.

How is the needed imagery not available? I’m a bit confused how long it truly takes to update this stuff.

Not sure if this is the specific area queried. But why imagery isn’t available - ask the ones taking them :)

Google Maps in this case.

Source material like this is a requirement for the editors to get things like taxi lines etc correct.


If they work with no breaks, it could take hours. Then to get it reviewed and ready to release can be days. Then when it’s finally ready to release they have to wait for the update to release it. But before any of this takes place they must have updated imagery, which isn’t available at the moment.

As @Aiden_Hodges said, Delta inhabits T2 as well.

Idk if this would be possible, you could go on Google images and find a birds eye view of it.

That’s because 747+ don’t get service there and you need 737- and smaller

Google Eagle Eyes…….lol

Imagery is used within the editor itself. We import a google earth/equivalent for bing or maxar so we can trace buildings and taxiway lines to centermeters of real life accuracy (it takes a lot of work for all the little details!). Thus, a bird’s eye view image cannot be imported, as it cannot be traced within the editor. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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