No taxiways @ NZAA

It appears that at NZAA, I was able to taxi, but past the terminal, there was no taxiway or runway, so I had to play by ear during my taxi. I could not see any taxiways or the runway, just the ground. It still allowed me to take off without violations, however.

What is going on here?

Was there an issue with the Global server in the top right?

Have you checked your internet and storage?

No. Everything was fine aside from that.

Try cleaning your scenery cahe

Does the situation change if you clear scenery cache in your in-app settings?

I am far away from the airport. But no.

What do you mean?

I am looking at the airport from my free view because I am flying right now. It has not fixed the issue.

What are your graphic settings?
Could you send us a screenshot?

High Quality, High Resolution, No Anti-Aliasing, Limit Frame Rate Check.

It could just be a one time thing, are you close to landing?

I just departed.

It sounds like the data was corrupted when it loaded. It may be a one off incident but clearing scenery cache should work. If not, you may have to reboot your router.

So you said you cleared cache, no?

I accidentally hit the no button.

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It repaired some of the missing taxiway and runway, but not all of it.

That is a bit weird, maybe change of camera, and then back to free

Sometimes it takes you ending the flight and clearing. This can also happen if you are out of storage space.

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I’ll try and see.

Upon shutdown of my phone, I respawned and it shut me off. I respawned again later and it’s all back to normal.

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