No taxiways? No runway?

Server - Expert
Route - VABB to VIDP
Aircraft - A320 (6E-168)

I was taxing to runway 09 but all of a sudden the taxiways and runway 09 disappeared also I have a strong internet connection. I think its an issue related to 20.1. What do you think?

PS- This is not the first time after 20.1

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Yep, that happened to me too, hope it gets fixed soon

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Clear your scenery cache in settings and everything should be back to normal, there was a problem with the servers earlier but it should be fixed now as DeerCrusher said

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I had this issue before. Clear your scenery cache, and restart the app. If it still doesn’t work, restart your device.


Alright i’ll try. Thanks

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Good luck!

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This also happened to me a few times, but the taxiways and runways just loads up after a few seconds of minutes

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We’re having some intermittent issues with this right now. A trouble ticket has been submitted towards our service provider and hopefully it should be much more stable soon!

Sorry about this.


Thank you for answering @schyllberg


Everything looks good for now since 28 minutes.
But could be some issues straggling behind.

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