No taxiways at PHNL

There are no taxiways at PHNL on my device, I have downloaded the hotifx, cleared my scenery cache and changed 3D object density, nothing.
Any tips?

Have you tried restarting the app? If it is still an issue in that case, the feel free to continue in the thread linked below; it’s better to have this issue consolidated to one thread rather than multiple topic.

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I’m currently landing after a 6 hour flight from Sacramento, so restarting the app would not be an option.
Yes I most certainly will give that topic some complaints thank you.

Try restarting the app after your current flight and see if the taxiways are still not appearing. In that case, I would advise you to just give that post a nudge, if not, you should be able to carry on your merry way. Until then, I would really advise you to restart your device before making a post there.