No Taxiway lights in Doha (OTHH)

I just landed in Doha and saw there are no taxiway lights there, even when I spawn.

Is it true that some airports don’t have taxiway lights?

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This is known and should be fixed soon😃


Generally we only add taxi way lights to airports that have them in real life so yes some airports don’t have taxi way lights because they aren’t there in real life.

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I’ve been to Doha. They have taxiway lights. It’s also a huge hub airport.

Yes and this will be fixed, I’m answering your question about airports not having it. For example EIKY only has edge lights and that has been added in-game to represent this (no centreline lights). Or EIIR has none whatsoever.

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Alright I got you:)

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Or you could say that OTHH isn’t currently being edited which is likely the reasoning behind the missing lights


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