No Taxi Lines at KPOU New York

The title mainly explains it. Where are the taxi line at KPOU in New York. I looked at Google maps and it definitely has them.

How to Reproduce:
Open Infinte Flight
Choose any plane
Load into KPOU in New York
You will find no taxi lines

Sorry I couldn’t upload pictures it was taking years



Yeah, it hasn’t been redone, I will do this.

Ok cool. I thought so

Riley thank you for pointing this out. As a clarification these files were originally loaded from a separate source or 3rd party. Some of the airports had good detail and some were generic airports. If you were to operate a certain 3rd party PC simulator you would find these files exactly as we found them with lots of ‘opportunities’. Of course the ‘other’ software platform allows you to purchase these airports individually and airports at the level of KPOU would not be available.

Why am I pointing this out? Cameron’s team has done one heck of a job combing through all of these artifacts to make them more accurate. His team have volunteered many many hours fixing these airports and as you have discovered it is not done yet.

My attempt to keep track of this project has been to create the web site. Here I have been cataloging our progress. That is the main reason for this site was to help keep track of what is currently in our libraries (some of it canned ready for the next airport update). I am trying to ensure that all of our Bravo and Charlie airports are in good shape. Deltas are also included in my listing and we will get to that level of resolution some day. Main focus is to get us ready for when IF goes global (date unknown by airport editing team - so don’t ask). Of course be aware that no confirmation has been given that IF will even have global capability. Bottom line if and when this does happen B & C airports would be more centric.

Thanks @dush19 for giving this one a quick turn around.

CU in Terra IF


Thanks @Kilt_McHaggis and @dush19. I’m think of maybe doing a bit of airport editing too. Not sure if I will though

There are those who do a ‘bit’ and those who edit :)

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Nearly done with it, @Riley_Dunshea.

Should complete it within Friday… :)

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Kilt would have this done in 30 minutes, Dush. You are slacking.

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*Cries in a corner.
*Plans to cut down all palm trees :)

Seriously, I have school and I was working on other stuff (fixing other minor issues too)


What u not done yet?

I would somehow like to edit airports as well, but when I look at how complicated it looks like and watch beginer tutorials I begin to wonder wether they would look better before or after my editing…

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