No Subscription?

I Already Paid Nothings Change … Refund my money back…

You can contact apple or whatever platform you’re using if you want a refund, but I’m sure there’s something that can be done to help you:)

Try checking your internet connection and then shutting the app down (completely) and then re opening it.

im using android …
i already paid 10h ago…

Everyone says this all the time, have u tried restarting your device? Deleting and reinstalling the app, restarting the app? Try restarting ur device, thats the biggest impact on solving your issues. And if none help, contact support and remember to mention where u purchased it from ( website or the game) ?

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I purchase at the game … @Zaid_Ammar1

Did you log into your account after you got it?

Yes . Already Login … if i logout my account the app will crash … @Narroc_Wim

Then I have no idea what is happening to your account:(

image This…

@Chris did you jailbreak your device? Or is this version of Infinite Flight pirated?

Nope i Purchase in Google playstore … @Swang007

Do you have more than one Google or Facebook account? If so, try all of them first.

I have no facebook account. …

Your device isn’t jailbroken you said?

Jailbroken? Like Root ? @Thomas_Galvin

yeah. It will not wirk if it is rooted…

Ive already Full Unroot .but not working.

I’m sure there could be a problem somewhere in that then.

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