No Subscription Found

I just bought my infinite flight for first time, and I also bought Infinite Flight Live, when i bought IF live, my app crashed. I open my App again and when i open if live it say “No Subscription Found”

What should I do?

What device are you running? Some Devices can’t handle this Simulator, How much Space can your Device Handle?
A picture would also be great


Please provide full details like the device, storage etc… then users can work off of that info to try to help you further

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Close the app, restart then sign back in with the account information that you originally set up with.

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Usually what most people say, try reinstalling the app

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You could try buying it again, sometimes purchasing things might fail and crash.

And that’s a perfect tutorial on how to make an upset, anygry customer aha :) Never give up 💪🏼 We will get this problem fixed!

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Provide Device Specs please and also what your subscription login type is (e.g. Facebook/Google) , but you can try these few things prior to that:

  • Restart the app
  • Restart device
  • When going into IF try logging in with the same account info you used for the purchase.

If it still proceeds to say no subscription found, go and check if you got a receipt for the purchase and if it was completed (might not have completed since your app crashed).

  • If you did get a receipt, reinstall the app and try logging in again (If you didn’t you shouldn’t have been charged and the purchase was not completed).

By the time you complete these steps a mod should have replied to this thread ;)