"No subscription found" for subscriptions purchased via Play Store


If you have any remaining issues with your subscription after this incident, please contact us via email at support@infiniteflight.com. Make sure to include your current display name & callsign in the e-mail.

We’re currently investigating an error as of 14:38Z (April 22nd 2020) on Android devices where your subscription won’t show despite it being active. This is caused by an issue with the Google Play Store API.

If you get a message saying “no subscriptions found”, there is no need for concern as your subscription is safe

16:25Z - We’ve been made aware of the issue and are currently investigating
16:45Z - We’re working on a workaround and have also contacted Google Play Store for good measure.
17:20Z - A workaround has been implemented for now that should resolve the issue.
17:30Z - The workaround did not solve it for all users, but we’re hoping to have the remaining users up & running shortly.
18:27Z - It seems like the issue have been resolved on Google’s end now. We’re restoring everything back to normal on our end now.