No stars when taking screenshot from replay

So basically I have mentioned this issue to Cameron back at FSExpo 2019. It is that you can’t capture stars when you screenshot in replay mode which is an annoying bug. Can you guys fix it please? Thanks.

No stars^

Well your in replay mode right

yes what’s wrong

well when your in replay mode not all of the things show up

Yes, which is annoying because you see them you look in replay mode but not in a screenshot.

Then what’s this? :)


Still no stars

Yeah I know but it doesn’t show up when you take a screenshot.

There are, look closely

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Yes, there are. Please move to some other topic, you’re not helping right now :)

This is something you should mention initially. Makes a whole lot of a difference :)

… which you did. I’m the worst.


Haha no problem. Yeah but I agree I didn’t say it very clearly, should’ve said it in the title.

Topics like these are always interesting to take a look on👀

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Okay, you’re right.
No stars when taking a screenshot.

I’ll look around and see if we have this logged.


Hey AF04 nice to see you again. Yeah I like to look at topics like these as well.

Thanks! Maybe Cameron just forgot before when I mentioned it. But no problem!

They seem to be working in x2 screenshot resolution though :)